Accessories director


Responsibility for defining, planning and carrying out the buying and designing for Massimo Dutti Woman´s Accesories, including budget management and consumer knowledge in order to meet the sales, mark-up and initial sales targets.


Planning the buying structure and product selection
• To analyse the previous year’s sales and the season’s key trends in order to identify the principal sales requirements.
• To put forward an initial proposal for the collection structure to the design department, organised by blocks in accordance with the store arrival dates. This structure must cover the sales needs, defining the type of models required, grouped by sub-families and specifying the necessary materials (this phase does not include price or quantity decisions).
• To plan which suppliers will be involved in producing the collection (taking into account factors such as their production capacity and standards, etc.).
• To work with the design team on the final product selection, taking into consideration factors such as time, the season’s key trends and sales requirements in accordance with the previous year’s sales.
• To define the final buying structure once the product has been selected and the budget has been sent by the management control department for the family and sub-family buying. To assign each style put forward by the design team to the initial planning, making the necessary adjustments and finalising the buying structure. This structure requires decisions on how many items are to be made per model
and keeping constant checks on the RRP, mark up and units, in order to comply with the management control budget.
Negotiating and planning with suppliers (and monitoring production)
• To assign each item to a specific supplier in accordance with their capacity and standard of service. To report needs to extend the supplier
portfolio and requirements regarding products, materials and quantities to the quality team.
• To negotiate prices and delivery dates with suppliers, based on the initial standard and quantity required.
• To monitor production to ensure compliance with the agreed terms and conditions.
• To carry out the sample fittings with the pattern/quality and design teams and to provide the suppliers with feedback in order to adjust and improve the samples.
Monitoring sales and the buying budget
• To monitor the buying budget in accordance with key indicators
• To monitor sales and product decisions such as repetitions, new and special products
Supervising design team
• Search for fashion trends information to be up to date and assure an innovative collection according to the commercial characteristics of
Massimo Dutti brand.
• Inspiration shopping trips to top reference cities for the brand, searching the relevant information for new collections.
• Research, development and selection of the fabrics which are going to be worked with, to simplify the timing of development and guarantee
good finishing of the sample collection.
• To follow up the development process of the samples and their possible improvements.
• Product development trips to production countries, to guarantee the fulfillment of the timing and qualities.
• To interact with other departments of the brand to get a clear vision of what the collection needs.


Education and experience

Higher education qualification in Economics, Business Administration and Management or Business Studies.
Sensitivity for a Massimo Dutti product and identification with the brand’s style.
Experience in a similar post in the retail sector.
High quality orientation

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    • Client: Accessories director
    • Service: Design
    • Date: enero 24, 2019